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Your Possibilities. Your Opportunities.

Latino TechTM is the place where the Latino technology community comes together, digitally and physically, to pursue pathways to success in the tech world.

We are creating a platform for exchanging information, generating new dialogs, and promoting diversity and inclusion, which all lead to professional development, leadership, and success in the field of all things technology.

We aim to provide an ecosystem whereby individuals can get informed, seek education or training, identify career paths, and be well on their way to achieving their goals in the tech sector.

So, whether you are exploring what you want to do in the future, or dreaming of taking your existing technology knowledge to the next level, or if you’re interested in connecting with others, Latino TechTM is your go-to place to search, learn, read, watch, listen, prepare, engage, and exchange information.


    We serve as your primary source for expanding knowledge and expertise, staying abreast of new trends and innovations, pursuing credentials and certifications, developing leadership skills, seeking mentorship opportunities, and participating in group exchanges of ideas, knowledge and experiences.


    Latino TechTM is the place to find career opportunities and to be seen by companies and our partner organizations. From job postings to recruiting to information about different careers, Latino TechTM has it all.


    Latino TechTM we would like to connect investors with early-stage business models and new technology concepts that are being developed by Latinos.

Latino TechTM is developed and managed by Blue Loop LLC, a forward-thinking technology company specializing in developing and growing content-based platforms.